Data Applications

Information technology is the driving force behind the small business. "IT" allows smaller corporations to thrive against their larger corporate competitors. A well-designed data network can help your business grow exponentially while reducing costs and conserving valuable time.

 Whether you have a small "peer to peer" or a large wide area network spanning multiple locations, we can help to maximize your network's potential.  Our data services include: 

Local Area Network and Wide Area Network Support - Single/Multilayer Switching and Routing, Virtual Private Networks, Web-Based Intranet, Voice over IP, Peer-to-Peer and Server-based Applications

Wireless Networking - 802.11 a/b/g Standards,  Wireless Access Points, Wireless Routing and Switching

Network Security - Router and Switch security, Encryption, Traffic Filtering, Firewalls, Wireless LAN Security

Data Cabling - Category 5e/6 Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pair, Multimode Fiber, Data Cabinets, Racks, and Cable Management,  Moves and Upgrades or New Construction, Cable testing and Certification